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x-posted like a 'motha [24 Nov 2008|10:42pm]


Ebay listings! Tons of great hardcore/metal/punk band shirts up for SUPER cheap!

I'm pregnant, could use the extra cash for the holidays and these shirts look sad sitting in our closet. They need to be brought back to life.

Here's a list of what's up for auction:

-Green Day
-Bleeding Through
-Bloody Sunday
-Comeback Kid
-Casey Jones
-Cancer Bats
-Poison the Well
-Tiger Army
-Bad Religion
-New Found Glory
-Defiance of Authority
-Total Eclipse
-Curbside Service
-All But Forgotten
-Till Death Do Us Part

-Social Distortion dickies work shirt

-"EDGE" track jacket (womens)

-SONY Cybershot DSC-P200 7.2MP digital camera + TONS of extras
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[26 Mar 2008|11:06pm]

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My first edge tatt.... [22 Jun 2007|07:01pm]

Done by an apprentice.. Anthony at Yankee Tattoo in Burlington, VT.

it's between my shoulders.. under my neck.. you know.
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[11 May 2007|06:08pm]

Check da real fuckin' thing!

XXX! The first Russian independent Vegan/Vegetarian Straight Edge label/distro has just started its work.
If you are interested in communication and cooperation, contact us on

X We do the things we believe in! X
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t2 by [Luka Blight] Moscow,Russia [11 Feb 2007|04:57am]

tattooed motherfuckers it's a thugs life :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
VERY BiG ta2Collapse )
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Hello Kitty with Xs [11 Feb 2007|03:48am]

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[28 Aug 2006|10:44pm]

i have a bunch of plugs for sale ranging in sizes from 00 to 3/4"
i will sell pretty cheap per pair since they are used. all are amazing plugs and all are in perfect condition!

here are pictures!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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I need heeeeeeelllllp! [06 Apr 2006|11:42pm]

Does anyone know of any other artists with artwork/flash along the lines of John Hall, Amanda Toy, Stevie Edge or even Ashley Love (youre_the_storm)?

I'd really appreciate any help!


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x-posted [15 Mar 2006|01:21am]

So I need ideas. I'm getting a new tattoo friday to fill a somewhat small area, I have ideas, but I'm the type of person that needs a picture to bounce ideas off of. Google-ing trad tattoos is a waste of time, so is bme.

Basically, my ideas include: lipstick / robots / bombs / art-related (painting tools)
If you have tattoos involving any of the above, preferably in traditional style, I'd love to see. I'm not going to copy your shit, I just need a general idea so I can draw something up myself.

Thanks in advance. I'll show you guys what I get once it's finished.
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Straightedge Tattoos [06 Feb 2006|02:16pm]
I am producing/directing a documentary on straightedge. I am looking for someone who is planning on getting a straightedge tattoo in the next couple of weeks within a few hours of the Cleveland, OH area. If this is you and you wouldn't mind being videotaped, reply here or contact me at for more information.

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[30 Jan 2006|01:37pm]

[ mood | bored ]

i am currently saving up money for my chestpiece.
i am from chicago and was just wondering if anyone here is from the city or maybe the midwest.
if you are, where did you go to get yours/what's a good place?
i'd appreciate any info.

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[28 Jan 2006|06:08pm]

[ mood | grumpy ]

because im so fucking bored and i broke my leg and sit on the nerd all day i guess i can update everyone as to what my arm looks like.


this is finally done untill i feel like it needs to have more done to it, im pretty happy with how it turned out.

this is how it turned out

hope you all like it.

well actually it doesnt matter if you do. but ya know

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sketch [16 Nov 2005|10:11pm]

[ mood | "let it snow..." ]

This a really rough sketch of a tattoo I want.
I'm not an artist...Collapse )

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[15 Nov 2005|11:16pm]

So, I've been searching for a while to find free Dave Fox, and/or Josh Hoffman flash, but everything I'm finding is waaaaay too small to use. Anyone have any of their work, or know where I could find some of their work, that's big enough to use? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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[11 Oct 2005|04:18pm]

[ mood | tired ]

my tattsCollapse )

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i sorta forgot about this comminity [24 Sep 2005|01:16am]


took about 22-ish hours from my self-proclaiming slow artist. i dont care how slow he is as long as it comes out nice & i definitely did. i started this almost 6 months ago, & finished it after 4 sessions last month or so.

i also won 2nd place (trophy!) for womans/large @ Inkin' Lincoln this past weekend. i think it's pretty hilarious.

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my tattoo. [22 Sep 2005|05:20am]

[ mood | awake ]

my sXe tat and the story behind it...Collapse )

Crossposted to several straightedge communities.

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[08 Sep 2005|11:29pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]


still need to put hazey clouds over all the stars.

 and bold"until the day i die"

and fill in "straight edge"

and greywork all the stones.

AND fix up my x's.

this is 6 hours into it. 3 more to go


newest oneCollapse )

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Hellefst Cancelled????? [17 Aug 2005|08:54pm]

People, if anyone is going to hellfest, try to find out coz just read on several sites that it may have ben cancelled!!!!!!

Lemme know poeples!!!!

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[16 Aug 2005|02:51am]

Not a straight edge piece, but no one ever posts shit on here.
PoseidonCollapse )
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