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This a really rough sketch of a tattoo I want.

The 3 X's that sew up the heart are meant to stand for XXX, for sXe. And the No Regrets is a way I always describe being sober... I don't regret a night I've spent sober, but I know I would regret every second of being drunk.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anything I should change?? Opinions, comments??

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i like the idea....though i think its funny you tried to justify it in a straightedge community. its okay here.....we get it!! hahahaha

question: whats stabbing through it??
cooooooould beee!!
im guessing its a nail, as in 'nailed to the x'
it's a rose.

i can't wait til i get someone who can actually DRAW to draw it out.
wow, I love the concept! You have to get it!!
Thanks everyone!! It's good to (finally) hear positive feedback.

Yeah, I can't wait to have it drawn out. The heart is supposed to be 3-D, and yes, that IS a rose going through it.
aw man. that was so my idea to have 3 X's stitch up the heart. i had never seen it anywhere else and i posted my picture on this LJ awhile back i think.. i hope you didn't copy me!
hahaha nah.

but i just went to your lj to see what your design looked like and it was friends only.

i havent gotten this design drawn out by a "real" artist yet anyway. and then i have to scrounge up the money to get it done. it'll be a while before its actually on my body.