♥Bee-Bop-A-Lula♥ (xxxcassiexxx) wrote in sxe_tatts,

i sorta forgot about this comminity

took about 22-ish hours from my self-proclaiming slow artist. i dont care how slow he is as long as it comes out nice & i definitely did. i started this almost 6 months ago, & finished it after 4 sessions last month or so.

i also won 2nd place (trophy!) for womans/large @ Inkin' Lincoln this past weekend. i think it's pretty hilarious.

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said it in the other comm. and ill say it in this one. i love it..and im glad you decided to go for it.
haha thank you, youre the best. i swear im still coming someday to TX to see your guy..

hahahaha dooooo itt!
This has to be one of the best straight edge tattoos I have seen in a while. I love it.
thanks so much, thats awesome

Looks great!
i love tattoos on woman, especially on the chest. this tattoo is awesome